Foundation on

God's word

We do more than teach Bible lessons. We provide instruction in all subject areas in the light of God’s Word and teach our students to look through the lens of a Christian worldview. Teachers and students treat each other with respect in a safe environment full of Christian love, conducive to success.

small class sizes

Our students are not lost in the shuffle. They’re more than just a number. With our small class sizes, teachers are able to get to know students on an individual basis and meet them at their instructional level, enabling them to excel academically. Meaningful relationships are formed between teachers and students.

The most important

kinds of skills

The skills most important to success in college and career - the abilities to read closely and purposefully, to write argumentatively, and to discuss logically - are fostered in our students. We also recognize the importance of social emotional learning for positive long-term outcomes, and so we work to develop crucial non-cognitive skills in our students. Our instruction and assessment are focused on what’s most important to the future achievement of our students.