Making a difference for our students - that’s what is important to us: by founding all we do in God’s Word, by providing small class sizes, and by developing the most important kinds of skills. We’re here to make a difference for our students each day, during their entire time with us, and for their whole lives.

core values

We are passionate about fostering a safe and welcoming learning environment and strive to develop important life skills in our students. And so we protect and nurture our core values of empathy, self-control, integrity, family, and grit. They are grounded in Scripture and valued in life, and they guide how our students grow and develop.

tuition-free option

Our school participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) as a way to assist families. Families that qualify for WPCP receive a voucher that covers the cost of tuition. Find out if you qualify.