Dear Brothers and Sisters of First Lutheran Church & School,


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly presented many challenges for all of us.  With the recent Supreme Court decision, we are now faced with another challenge.  We can now consider how we re-open what we had closed.  In some ways most of us have been anxious to get back to worship but it is most important that we do this carefully and mindful of the remaining uncertainty of moving too quickly when all around us is still an active virus.  I believe that although we may be different, in the end we will be better.


To get started your Church Council has decided to begin worship again on May 31. 


  • As we begin this re-opening process, we will limit our gathering to 25% of our seating capacity, which will be 75 in worship, and we will maintain a resemblance of social distancing.  Clearly, we will need more than one service.  We will have two services on the 31st.  One will be at 8:00 AM and the other at 9:30 AM.  We would like to designate the earlier service for our senior members and those members who are considered a higher risk candidate.  The later service will be best for our other members and our member families with children.
  • We will designate specific pews to be used for the 8:00 AM service and for the 9:30 AM service. This allows no pew to be used more than once during our Sunday services. Please respect the state’s social distancing guidelines as you enter and leave the church and sanctuary.
  • We want you to feel comfortable to wear a mask if you choose.  We will have a limited supply of masks available in the narthex.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available before you enter the sanctuary.
  • All hymnals and Bibles will be pulled from the pews.  Hymns will be printed in the bulletins and projected on the screens. 
  • We will place offering plates at the doors for you to return a portion of your weekly blessings.
  • We will utilize the chapel and the narthex to accommodate our overflow.  Feel free to use the chapel if you feel uncomfortable with the gathering size around you.
  • We will record our service and will make them available as we have during this period of absence.  These will just be delayed a few days before being available to watch.


These plans will be in effect for an indefinite period but will be monitored weekly and adjusted when we are able. 


The Lord of the Church continues to watch over us and has given us this opportunity to once gather as a family of believers.  We look forward to seeing you.


In Christ Alone,


Ron Hacht - Chairman

Pastor Prange - Vacancy Pastor

Frank Lazzaroni - Worship Elder

Steven Davis - Office Administrator


For more than 130 years First Evangelical Lutheran Church has been blessed to serve the community of Lake Geneva with the life-changing and life-saving Word of God.  We exist as a congregation to introduce people to Christ, to gather in the worship of the goodness of God, and to grow in our faith and understanding of God's will for our lives.  

If you're new to Christianity, join us and learn why Jesus is so important in your life. 

If you're new to Lake Geneva, join us and learn what sets us apart from every other church in the area. 

Even if you're a third generation Lake Genevan, join us!  In many ways we're not the church we were 130 years ago, but in the most important way we are - we still uncompromisingly cling to the eternal and unchanging truth of God's Word.  

To echo Philip's response when Nathanael asked what makes Jesus so special, we at First Lutheran invite you to "Come and see."


1101 Logan St.

Lake Geneva, WI 53147


Please note the church office is currently closed due to COVID-19.  You can reach us by dialing the number above and leaving a message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.